Look at the products provided by Apple in 2018

It was the year 2018 year of devices for Apple and its products, despite the non-submission of some of the new products anticipated such as AirPower . In this article we see the Apple products in this year. We will remember those products in a nutshell, this has been a busy year articles detailed about those devices you can refer to it. After a review of those devices is there the promise of something new coming on the horizon?

نظرة على المنتجات التي قدمتها أبل في 2018 ؟


The launch of the first intelligent headset of the Apple TV in February 2018 supports Siri and music to Apple TV, thus entered into competition with the headphones Amazon’s Echo headphones Google Home. Can be used headphones HomePod for several purposes on her head listening to the different acoustics, as well as used in the control in smart homes by Siri based on Written HomeKit. Also through it with the help of Siri to answer queries and make phone calls at the rate of the most accurate personal assistant at home. And home iPod the most expensive of its competitors where it is sold at a price of 349$.

The previous generation of IP-iPad

In March, Apple introduced the previous generation of IP devices-the iPad’s traditional 9.7 inches at a price of 329$. Where tend processor A10 and insight. Although it looks like the previous fifth-generation many however, tend to have the support of the registry Apple TV.

MacBook Pro

In the month of July introduced Apple models MacBook Pro 13-inch and 15-inch with chips, Coffee Lake with 6 cores which makes it faster in performance. And features MacBook Pro 2018 New any changes of form. But with the chip Intel new cards graphics Radeon Pro and Pro Vega special style of the 15 inch it is much stronger than before.

Supported model of MacBook Pro 2018 up to 32 GB of RAM. Continued Apple in offering touch strip, and the keys of the second generation are resistant to dust and breakage better. It also supports drives of the type SSD size up to 4 TB.

Operating systems new

The announcement of new versions of iOS and MacOS and tvOS and watchOS in the month of June at the developers conference in the world and the launch of those systems in the fall to sync with the launch of new devices.

For for iOS 12 came with improved performance significantly, and other features new to the head groups of FaceTime and improvements water-Muji customizable to any forms you want. And improvements to Siri in the form of feature tests new Siri. Also provided update a comprehensive set of tools such as time management, modern applications and parental control most explicitly.

For system watchOS 5 brought with it a host of new features such as the feature of Walkie-Talkie and display notifications better, and new applications such as Podcasts that not many of the nurses that we dealt with in detail in various articles throughout the year.

While the TVOS system 12 support for Dobly Atmos . Display system in MacOS Mojave night mode and Dynamic Desktop to change backgrounds. Also the advantage of Continuity Camera new import photos from an iPhone or an iPad directly into a document.

As part of the initiative to come to run iOS apps on Mac system, Apple introduced several new apps, including Apple Stocks and Home and Voice Memos this is in addition to the improvements to security and Privacy.

Devices iPhone New

Apple has released three devices iPhone XS and XS Max and-iPhone XR the same format as the previous for-iPhone X with improvements in the camera and the face in addition to bar A12 of the new super speed. Came hardware XS and XS Max at high prices start from $ 999 and 1099 dollars while The comes iPhone the XR priced at $ 749, which is no different from the XS that much but the screen touch 3D Touch and structural aluminum. But it was the focus of attention to its low price and its battery lasts longer. As is known, was the launch of the XS and XS Max in September, while delayed XR a little bit to October.

Apple Watch Series 4

Along with IP devices-the new iPhone has been launched Apple Watch version IV on design, which tend body thinner and larger by 30% than its predecessors. The former contained a significant advantages, most notably the ECG for atrial fibrillation and get early warnings about potential health problems. But the decision of the ECG to the United States at this time because of the need for regulatory approval of other states, and Apple is striving to provide it.

iPad Pro

In the month of October introduced the Apple models iPad Pro 9 and 12 inches with the technology of Face ID without a note instead of a fingerprint are compatible with the vertical and horizontal position. And re-design the body of the IP-bad making it the thinnest iPad ever. This required it to remove the headphone socket. Supports all the organs of the registry Apple TV 2 totally new. It features an-iPad also has a USB-C instead of a separate Lightning allowing to connect more accessories than ever before.

Mac mini

Was released in the month of October, and was updated for the first time after more than four years. Where they came at the rate new products are hexagonal core and quad core third generation. Came with the memory DDR4 faster expandable to a capacity of 64 GB. Came Thunderbolt ™ port 3 (USB-C) and HDMI 2.0, with access to the Internet supports 10 GB modular flash storage super speed with an SSD with a capacity of up to 2 TB. Processor and graphics Intel UHD Graphics 630. Did not make any change in the exterior design, but modified the interior to dissipate the heat generated from the processors to the fastest. As has been his support of the chip T2 to encrypt the data. And video HEVC at up to 30 times. Starts the selling price of the device from $ 799.

MacBook Air

Apple launched in the month of October major update for your MacBook Air. Came thinner and lighter, and features a Retina display and Touch ID added to the keyboard of the latest generation Control Panel and Force Touch. It is made of aluminium recycled 100% to be your Mac the most environmentally friendly. With a battery life that lasts all day almost . Features the MacBook Air SIM Apple T2 Security security more. Comes MacBook Air processor Intel Core i5 of second generation and memory capacity up to 16GB, and tweak the SSD with a capacity of up to 1.5 TB.

What next?

We expect under this and hobo with advanced machineries and superlative in performance what can provided by Apple in the New Year 2019. What do you expect from Apple in the New Year? Are there already any new on the horizon or it would be limited to improvements and updates in the gear and regulations? Tell us in the comments.

What do you think about the products launched by Apple in 2018? Which ones are the best as well as worse? Share your opinion in the comments.



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