Look at the processor Apple A13 in phones Evo 11 new!

Processors phones iPhone and iPad offer high-end performance and is a key reason for the negative performance of those devices. Phones iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max this year, come carrier at the heart of which processor Apple A13 of the new.نظرة على معالج Apple A13 في هواتف آيفون 11 الجديدة!

Website AnandTech technical did a detailed review see Apple A13 on the level of performance and support graphics indicating improvements conducted by Apple on the processor which is in line with what was announced officially during the conference the announcement of a series for iPhone 11 and it is mentioned on its official website.

Processor Apple A13 is a processor hexa-core: four cores for regular tasks, and two dedicated to the two tasks of high performance. Processor Type 64-bit which is based on the architecture 7 nm, and the processor graphics annex it comprises four nuclei. The processor designed by Apple and manufactured in collaboration with company TSMC, Taiwan.

Processor Apple A13 – performance and support graphics

For the overall performance of the processor, and found that it is faster by about 20% compared to the previous version A12 in iPhone XR and iPhone XS and XS Max according to tests the performance, but despite that the energy consumption was higher when running the cores of high performance.

Processor Apple A13 makes Apple’s level in the sport market of processors for smart devices if that results in performance tests, the best nearly doubled compared with the company’s products and the competition it may amount to resemble the performance of processors Intel and AMD for desktop computers.

Most of the tasks and processes done by the nuclei of the four regular saving energy consumption, which is what makes it sometimes work less efficiently than A12 when intensive use.

Also indicated the location of AnandTech to the heat generated when running high-performance tasks which may sometimes lead to a reduction of the work of the wizard and curbed to control the excess heat.

Support graphics

On the level of support for graphics, the results of processor Apple A13 best by about 20% compared to the previous version except that is really possible is to control the heat and not high heat of the device when you run games which allows the processor to operate longer for the same efficiency without heat the device.

Is that enough to buy iPhone and 11?

It depends on several factors such as the budget you have available and the phone you use now and do without it and upgrade to one of the versions of iPhone 11.

If you have an old cell phone no longer meets your needs as required you will feel the joy of performance and speed for when you upgrade to the iPhone 11, but if you have a phone sophisticated relatively recent (for iPhone or other date of issuance of two years or two back) you may not notice the continent performance and speed a lot.

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