Look at the phone OnePlus 7 Pro and its features unique

Revealed the company OnePlus yesterday about the latest smart phones, leading phone OnePlus 7 Pro, which came features a new, sophisticated, exquisite, favorable price beats the latest flagship phones from companies manufacturing other smartphones, including Apple and Samsung. What is the initial impression about the phone especially after coming into the hands of reviewers it?

نظرة على هاتف OnePlus 7 Pro ومميزاته الفريدة

The truth is that the phone came completely identical to what is stated in the registry. Where came the striking design is different from smartphones and other competition. It also contains hardware strong. The company said it settled on this model of the 100 version other.

The specification of the phone OnePlus 7 Pro

◉ The phone comes with a screen launched by the company name “Fluid AMOLED” compared to 6.67 inches, resolution Quad HD measuring 3120 * 1440 heavily 516 pixels per inch “iPhone XS Max 458”. And running the entire front part of any of the edge-to-edge of all parties, without any note and no holes at all. Because the front camera is designed to fit from the back of the phone when using it as it will come.

This is a unique advantage enjoyed by the phone OnePlus, providing a screen from edge to edge in the true sense without sacrificing camera selfie front. It was stated by reviewers that the front camera looks great and strong.

Said OnePlus analysis of the video shows the camera open and drown more than three hundred thousand times in the duration of 12 hours. And another video showing the lifting of the camera to one of the stones without a stumble or stand, so it looks like it will handle hard use.

Apart from the screen and front camera pop-up unique, the OnePlus 7 Pro has some other specifications are brilliant.

◉ Main camera triple lens with telephoto lenses, super wide-angle and wide angle very come the first sensor Sony IMX586 accurately 48 megapixel girl lens f/1.6, the second a 16-megapixel camera girl lens f/2.2, the second 8 megapixel f/2.4. Supports optical zoom up to 3x.

◉ Front camera pop-up as we reported, accurately and 19-megapixel camera, and comes languidly lens f/2.0. Offers sensor support unlock the phone through Face Unlock can unlock the phone in 0.12 seconds only, and this makes it the fastest technique to cancel the lock screen in the world. As we have also mentioned that the company has chosen to open and close the camera three hundred thousand times, which means that you have to open and close the camera front 150 times a day for five and a half years so fail, this is the level, where you won’t you open camera selfie 150 back in the day but “if you were Butler.”

◉ In addition to unlocking the phone via face, it is also equipped with sensor fingerprint under the screen.

◉ The phone comes with the octa core processor Snapdragon 855 report of 7 nm. It is 45% faster than the Snapdragon 845.

◉ Phone comes memory random 6 GB and 8 GB and up to 12 GB, the storage capacity up to 256 GB.

◉ The phone comes with a battery 4000 mAh, supports a new technique for Fast label Warp Charge 30 firmly 30 watts, which is technically the fastest in shipping so that up to 50% in just 20 minutes and the full in less than an hour.

In spite of phone features technical good but I don’t some breeds of them:

◉ That the phone does not support wireless charging Qi like many modern smartphones.

◉ As it does not enjoy any protection rating against water despite testing it and found that it is waterproof but the police did not know that the formal “like what happened with Apple in the iPhone 7 “.

◉ It has its disadvantages also for the lovers of iOS is the introduction of Android.

The price of the phone starts from 669 dollars. Will be available starting from May 17, exclusively from T-Mobile and later will be released to the rest of the areas. So be Phone OnePlus 7 Pro cheapest clear of the XS a little cheaper than XR, also, as well as phones top category in Samsung and Huawei, although new features are available.

What do you think of phone OnePlus 7 Pro Camera selfie pop-up? Tell us in the comments.



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