Look at the most popular flip phones and the launch

Even though flip phones are still in the stages of a fledgling, you won’t be so during the next two years with the declaration of the top manufacturers of smartphones intention to launch a foldable phone at least, we’ll talk here about the design potential and the launch of each phone.

So laugh at the picture we must note first that the very phones folding is to provide the experience of using the tablet in non-folding, with respect to the easily development and function of the phones by reference to the folded position, as indicated in the picture animation above.

Samsung phone

Samsung unveiled a prototype phone its foldable screen, flexible measured 7.3 inches to provide the experience of a tablet and can be folded inside a book, usually measured 4.5 inch display is activated when the first folds to provide a phone experience.

While still a prototype, although it is said that Samsung still did not choose a final design, it is expected to see a review of real phone at the Mobile World Congress held at the end of February 2019, and reports that the commercial launch will be the Galaxy S10 in March.

Huawei phone

Confirmed Huawei its intention to challenge Samsung in access to the market early 2019. And speaking of design expected for it seems that it would be folding out reverse Samsung phone, to in non-folding screen 8 inch, knowing that this is a design to monitor several rumors and patented and confirmed by the company yet.

It is said that the date of the official declaration will be a conference of the Mobile World, which is expected to announce the Samsung for her phone, turning the rivalry of the two companies to the primacy of commercial expansion.

Phone Rio

A company that has already launched her phone FlexPai folding to the market, but you wish it did so; where the audit had found the phone difficult to fold and your problem is too big to use it, as well as the lack of response to applications easily to activate the user or to identify the device to the folded position.

Despite the availability of the device at a price of 1295 to$ 1871$ in December, we expect to release a lot of my phone Samsung and Huawei in terms of quality of experience.


It is not strange to see the LG in this list by virtue of being the largest manufacturer of screens including the screens flexible.

From the standpoint of design, it is reported that LG will come with the same design Huawei, according to a patent registered in the name of the company show two monitors connected to two double pillars on each to adhesions to the two screens with the cost of a large screen in non-folding, and it will enable the use of the device of two different people at the same time, even watch a video with two ports to the heavens, says that the screen will come integrated fingerprint reader.

It is reported that LG will focus on trade without ever building a phone, what is due us not to see the phone through 2019.

Phone Microsoft

Instead of focusing on the operating the multi-media as a phone the LG, it seems that the Phone Andromeda rollaway from Microsoft will focus on enhancing productivity, according to the level of intake obtained by The Verge , it “combines hardware, software and innovative to provide the experience of dialogue in the device can be positioned in a pocket of the user”.

After the rumors the cancellation of the device, sources reported that the device did not eliminates entirely, but will delay its launch until its development to the leadership.

Phone Apple

According to patent the invention of the modern registered in the name of the Apple TV, to allow for the flexible bend, and may include a device overlapping joints or consists of the structures of magnetic, since it is known that Apple launches refined products in the market with adjustments to improve the experience of use, it is these adjustments in the type of joint that is used as a skeleton of the company.

Interesting also, that Apple have patented for the future can be folded like paper. I mean as a “futuristic” here they wouldn’t be available any time soon, I’m still waiting for the first generation of young women folding which may be a first step in the development of screens flexibly of the paper.

For the launch of the phone Apple TV rollaway it is difficult to predict currently, but a report, CNBC quoted yesterday and the local bank of America Merrill Lynch said that Apple agreed with the suppliers to launch the phone by folding in 2020.


It is reported that Lenovo is working on a phone involves vertically inside phones psoriasis old, something that was not confirmed by the company, comes as a patent registered in its name. While there is no information about the release date, it seems that Lenovo is investing a lot in phone where ever reviewed a tablet and a phone capable of folding, I didn’t release them yet.

Phone OBO

The Oppo has a patent depicts a foldable phone also, the phone will folding out and there is a slot in the back of one of the sides for the camera to host it in the folded position, what indicates that the design focuses on making the phone thin as possible. Currently there is no information about the release date.

Phone Shawty

I didn’t see a patent for Shawty rollaway, as we don’t know details about the date of launch, but the prospect of arriving through 2019.

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