Look at the internal components of the system “fuschia” Fuchsia from Google

فوشيا Fuchsia OS

فوشيا Fuchsia OS

Work Google silently on the development of the system running its new “fuschia” Fuchsia OS seeks to change the existing concepts in the world of operating systems, computers and smart devices, or at least, this is what you tell us the codes code for share Google with everyone via the website Github.

Some argue that Linux and Android in do. to this end, any work on the computers and smart devices at the same time, this is true. But companies need to rewrite a lot of internal components to the success of this. As to performance and multi-tasking always line up two edges and comes “fuschia” to remove them completely.

According to the site 9to5google, the system is based on what is known in units of Modules, tales, Stories, and this differs somewhat from the Windows (Windows/Views) used in current operating systems.

Modules Modules administered through the system of my divisions Modular represents the work environment responsible for dealing with the unit, or units. Applications generally consist of a set of units that represent Windows or a command that says to the user, but each unit is completely separate and can work outside of the app without problems thanks to the work environment. The above means that the user can such as opening more than one window for the same application at the same time, such as opening the window incoming messages twice, with the open window to create a new message.

Ensures a system of units, the independence of each unit and the possibility to take advantage of them in more than one place, or as it is called within the system, tale, which is a collection of different units.

By large, the Sigma term of the applications within the “fuschia” will be replaced by another term which is government operations, which can be likened to multi-tasking in the present, or split the screen in smart devices.

The user can create a new narrative composed such as of the, You know, the Facebook unit, the Insert unit of Watson August at the same time, to the System Assessment screen with the possibility to choose the location and size of each section separately. And because the units are independent, can create another tale in the same time in which facebook and twitter as well; Facebook in the first tale completely separate from the boundary in second.

Were the previous word to the operating systems current phones, each tale is a box you can run any application without problems. The establishment of a tale of a second (a second box), the user can choose any application he wants, even if it exists in the first box because everything is completely separate and will not impose restrictions on this command. It is true that this word is possible through some apps or widgets in Android, but its abundance will have a negative impact on performance.

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