Look at the design of the Galaxy S10 based on the leaks

At a time when rumors and leaks concerning the Samsung Galaxy S10 to emerge, the team, location mobil-helden compiled the best information available about the features of the phone Galaxy S10 and the expectations of the design, said they designed the model for what may be the phone design and appearance of external.

Perhaps the main feature in the New Phone Technology is the compact footprint of the company that appear in the bottom of the lock screen. As expected, Samsung is working on increasing the size of the screen compared to the front end for S10 there will be a dialogue much narrower at the top and bottom of the screen, while the company will continue to the Korean adoption of the side edges slanted.

Will phone S10 Rear Camera Dual for Camera three lenses for a phone S10 plus, and remarkable in design is that the phone S10 is much like the family of the Galaxy S9 and S8 at first glance, but there are slight changes in design such as dialogue, younger, and older, may be I have a Samsung other hidden features didn’t reveal leaks.

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