Look at risk Alibaba AliBaba smart trading by robots

علي بابا AliBaba

علي بابا AliBaba

Considered a “jack”, the founder of the stores, Alibaba AliBaba, the most famous successful personalities on the world level thanks to the story of its inception that museums and bringing it to the level of putting it in the list of world’s richest people by the hand, and delivered value to his company of more than $ 480 million on the other.

As a reminder, the Ali Baba does not possess e-stores only, but also provides the platform for cloud storage and e-payment, to him to a large extent, with Amazon dominating in the western hemisphere, while play Ali Baba and projects strongly in the East mainly.

Many factors stand behind the success of the most innovative and use the latest technology always, this seems obvious in the risks of the company smart trading by more than 60 robots to deliver goods to the workers for processing by the company.

These robots are equipped with wheels and an array of cameras and sensors, capable of carrying 500 kg approx. The employee will send a request to the system about his need of a product, to help one of the robots demand and bring in the shelves that contain this product. Then the employee will take it and put it in the shopping cart before shipping it to the customer who requested it.

Back to those robots of the starting point automatically, as you head for the nearest charging point when the ratio of charging the battery without the direct intervention of position, this allowed to reduce the number of employees increased by 70% since the July to June 2017, which led to the high level of productivity by 300% as reported by the company.

Recall that Alibaba recently participated in a contest to read depends on the artificial intelligence only, i.e., without human intervention came in third place behind Microsoft. It also launched a domestic helper carrying the name Tmall the Genie, to carry it all from Google and Amazon, and even Apple, companies that seek to leave a big footprint in this area.

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