Look at real examples of ray tracing in the game Metro Exodus

Well, here’s a good demonstration of how it will work ray tracing in games in the near future.

Those who don’t know, this is Metro Exodus — a potential hit, which will be released on February 22 next year. In General, look for yourself.

Actually, all very clearly, but I will give my impressions. In most scenes the inclusion of RTX works on the following principle: in the scenes where a lot of light, objects become lighter, and indoor or night darker. This is due to more correct calculation of the illumination using ray tracing. And it’s not impressive at all.

And that’s where everything already looks more interesting, is the scene with the opening and closing of Windows in the house. It clearly shows that the room dims or brightens gradually and appropriately, as it will look like in the real world.

And that’s all. More I saw nothing. That is, in the dynamics, when you are in the game, and even in the action, all these little things pass by most players.

But it is worth noting a few details. First, ray tracing in games is not the technology itself, but technology that can be used to implement certain effects. For example, soft shadows, global illumination and so on. This means that different games use Ray Tracing will manifest itself in different ways. For example, in the same Metro Exodus was originally scheduled only to the effect of Ambient Occlusion using RTX, but developed in the end decided to implement a full global illumination. Secondly, different games will use a slightly different implementation of ray tracing. More specifically, it will vary the number of rays per pixel that will be the basis of an effect. The higher the number, the more realistic the effect. The first time the games will use one to four rays. Metro will have three beam per pixel.

Total, if to speak about quality of effects, it is Metro — figure is almost the highest quality in the near future. If to speak about the level of effects that Metro is also perfectly demonstrates the capabilities of technology. But all this I am personally not particularly impressive. At least, I did not want to run out and sell something unnecessary to buy other unnecessary things… well videokarte Nvidia new generation. Although if you have spare money, then of course Yes.

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