Look at computer games new Legion of Lenovo

This topic look at computer games new Legion of Lenovo appeared on Engadget.

To coincide with the E3 Expo 2018 the Lenovo launched a bunch of large variety of gaming devices from the group of the family of the Legion here is the summary:


Comes computer mobile Legion Y7000 a traditional design, which is one of the economic category, while the model Y730 and Y530 on the stylish appearance, and thermal units with new components internal to the computer upgraded.

As the portfolio model Y7000 on the design of collective models of the previous with the provide situation updates internal

And is device my laptop Y530 and Y730 on the same concept of the exterior design, except that the calculator Y730 has the option of more lighting and graphics better and more options for the display, so it is a little larger in size.

And comes model Y530 and that comes with a screen size of 15 inches at a price of 929.99 USD, and the price 1179.99 $ for the Y730 with a screen size of 15 inches, and at the price of 1249.99 dollars for the Y730 with the screen OS-inch. And will offer a Y530 in the month of June from my company Lenovo and Best Buy, while they will be asking the class Y730 in the month of September.

Said Lenovo in a statement by the journalist, the laptops are lighter than before, featuring both cooling system two-channel new features with additional side, and the blades of the fan multi-length and multi-rotor. And are quieter and 10% better in terms of cooling the case, with improved air flow by 16%.

And he needs both devices on a range of ports, including USB-A 3.1, and the USB-C (Thunderbolt 3), and HDMI, and Mini DisplayPort, and Ethernet, and Kensington Lock.

As the model Y530 and Y730 on the hinges the front, which makes it sturdier when you tilt the screen angles.

As still the majority of the ports located in the back for my Y530 and Y730, which includes the USB-C port and a USB Type-A, HDMI, port mini Display Port. As designed the rear vents of our ventilation to be more stylish and refined than ever before.

In addition I thought the Lenovo on the concept of the screen with the edge of the high and that have become commonplace in designs computers games slim.

Also added the word Legion in the back right side of the computer and which also rely on the concept of the design is thin and simple than before.

Also added the hinges to extend over the length of the device and not in the middle as before.

Also added Port Type Type-A in the right side of the case.


And added Lenovo feel to the cover, to give a special feeling to the design situation.

It also has a Touchpad for my Y530 and Y730 on 2 of the buttons.

And through the picture we will notice that the front to fit the top of the back because of the heat generating components and fans.

And the Lenovo add camera at the bottom of the company in your My Y530 and Y730.

And worth mentioning he’s been supported model Y730 lighting system with RGB from the bottom in addition to the keyboard and the rear vents of the computer.

And for computer Y7000’s on the right side, USB Type-A one.

Needs a Y7000 on the detailed central, also added the camera in the bottom of the company also which is a place not suitable for many people.

And need computer Y7000 on the USB-C, USB Type-A, HDMI, Ethernet, port, mini Display Port and which is present in the back side of the case.

And the governor comes to the design side thick with the same design concept of last year. And unlike the design of the model Y530 and Y730 does not support Y7000 design high in front of the bus.

And I don’t need the model Y7000 on the buttons in the touchpad as is the case with the model Y530 and Y730.

It also contains the design of the high-level dialogue of the company.

And in the left side has the need for a separate USB Type-A one and a separate headset.

Computers personal:

Comes Lenovo with 4 models of desktop Safety computer Legion where comes the two to the same design concept of the and are the T730 and the T530 and ready the others to the concept of the design of the cube C730 and C530. You can see one of the models of the new cube in the image below:


And comes model C530 price 829.99 USD, while the C730 will come at the price of 929.99 dollars. And for the specifications, it is likely that the governor comes with a Processor Intel Core i7-generation 8, and with a capacity of memory up to 32 GB, and processor graphics Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060. Other features include support for Dolby Atmos (C730), as it’s come up with a handle top, which makes it easy to carry, in addition to the transparent panel to the top of the bus and that can be seen through the optical system of the runway to the computer, and the new cooling system is for a ventilation system a thermal dual-channel.

You can open the C730 through one lock.

Also been put the Lenovo logo on the design in the right front, and you lighting.

Also equipped the case with a belt elastic band to keep the cable

Equipped with a bus port of the headset and Ethernet in addition to the 6 areas USBType-A.


And as for the Legion T730 and T530 in also come with handles for easy carrying. And think of these devices on the same specification of the model C730 and C530, although you will be able to equip more units of storage, and that according to Lenovo. Where can add two units of SSD storage with a capacity of 512 GB or and modular HDDs storage capacity of 2 TB.

Moreover, you can upgrade these models easily, and Lenovo is that you can switch each of the components without the need for any tools to do this. And comes T730 with the cooling system through the liquid Asetek, and with a lighting system RGB LED indoor and outdoor full. It is worth noting that these models come with the same price model C730 and C530, and will expect all devices to the new desktop from Lenovo in August

And for for the T730 there are 6 areas USBType-A and port of the headset and Ethernet also. Also equipped with a device T730 port headphone and 2 USB Type-A and microphone port next to the power button at the top of the device.

And designed desktop device T730 so that you can see the propellers of the device from the inside and it is worth mentioning that this is not the final design for sediment.


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This topic look at computer games new Legion of Lenovo appeared on Engadget.

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