Lomé, August LomiApp gets the new updates allows the conversion of points to Rewards

Considers the application of the Lomé LomiApp one of the useful applications to track fitness and diet, providing many useful benefits to the user; such as tracking weight loss, get rid of the body toxins, the follow-up to the number of calories consumed, fat-burning, next to access to all nutrition programs appropriate for all health needs under the supervision of specialists of nutrition.

You can subscribe in the application of the Lomé and get a week free workout service, then you can upgrade the procurement; where the user gets up and the food in the any time and any place, which is equivalent to the value of one visit to the clinic, without incurring the trouble of going to the clinic and spend time in wait or pay additional costs, as the app offers the opportunity to get the service to communicate with an expert diet immediately, after the end of the first week can choose the package preferred by the need and advice of a nutritionist.

With the new updates has become the application of the Lomé system offers achat; it is a points system earns its common and can be redeemed for discounts and offerings through the application of the Lomé partners available on the app, and the system is currently available for the users of iPhone and soon on Android.

Also that the app offers when you sign up to periodically consult with the Dietitian, the next feature reporter dietitian at any time through private messages, as well as follow-up Loss Weight week with nutritionist, and the food plan designed by health status, as well as a photo upload feature food.

It can convert steps to points to Rewards by walking, and then the app will analyze the steps daily to points, and then can be redeemed from the rewards program Lumia the offers and discounts available.

And also can invite a friend to the app will send a code can get 50% discount on the month subscription and use the code will the user also get a 50% discount on subscription the following.

How do you get points?

When shopping for the first time on the app users get 100 points, and when you invite a friend to the app will get 100 points when you use the code to activate the subscription, next the possibility of get points daily through the number of steps traveled, where are the conversion steps to the points and can follow-up total number of points a day through the app and Redeem Offers and discounts through partners on the application.

How to use the points for rewards are?

Points can be redeemed through the stores in Lomé August where can common vision of the partners, exchange offers, discounts, article, first, you join a preferred partner will be your code by email to activate the offer

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