Logitech confirm that it was in talks to acquire on the Plantronics, but not anymore.


Famous company Logitech many products, such as keyboards, money, studies, speakers, web cameras, etc. But when it comes to speakers, at least when it comes to gaming headsets, Logitech does not enjoy a strong presence as they should. This is why we we can’t when we heard that the police seek to acquire the company Plantronics is specialized in the area of the sky.

And for those who wonder about the validity of these rumors, it turns out they were partially correct because the company Logitech has now confirmed that it was already in talks with a company Plantronics on the process of acquisition of potential, but the company said that those talks are over, it is not surprising that they refused to provide more information.

According to Logitech, it has stated by saying : ” in response to the media, according to disclosure requirements of Switzerland, confirmed the company Logitech International today that it participated in discussions with the company Plantronics about a possible deal. However, terminated these discussions. I don’t intend to Logitech to make comments more “.

When it comes to home audio products, the company Logitech even now acquired the company Ultimate Ears, so they have a section responsible for the creation of the heavens and consumer, but as we said earlier, then Logitech is not from the brands that come to mind compared to the likes of Sony and Bose and Sennheiser etc. from other brands.



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