LocalBitcoins will introduce verification for traders with “significant” amounts of trade

First April US police accused trader popular exchange Localbitcoins Thomas CONSTANZO laundering 164 thousand dollars via a cryptocurrency. According to investigators, he helped drug traffickers launder money via Bitcoin, as well as the drug trade on exchanges in microbe. Now the exchange has decided to tighten trade rules and intends to introduce the mandatory verification for the most active users. This writes Cointelegraph.

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While the company has not made an official announcement, but changes are actively discussing Reddit users. According to the newspaper, the new requirements require traders to submit to the exchange a copy of identity card and photographs. The requirements affect users, the volume of trading which over the past 12 months the company deems “significant”.

Branch U/yellowcuda users have published several screenshots of messages that exchange shows when you try to login.

Error! The volume of your transactions during the last 12 months has been significant. Please confirm your account to continue trading.

As noted by Bitcoinist, users are considering to switch to an alternative platform. On the options list — Bisq Hodl and Hodl. The representative of Bisq in the official Twitter, the company has already announced about the readiness of the exchange to make users of Localbitcoins.

What amount of the exchange is deemed to be significant is unknown. At Localbitcoins did not respond to a request for Cointelegraph.

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