LocalBitcoins was hacked. Hackers stole more than 28 thousand dollars

The exchanger LocalBitcoins become victims of a phishing attack in which several users lost their bitcoins. In a time of visitors to the web page were redirected to a fake website where they were asked to enter codes for two-factor authentication to their own accounts. Hackers have used the collected data base, to empty the wallets of their victims.

LocalBitcoins under threat

Short summary on the situation amounted to a Reddit user u/bitcoinbabeau. According to him, the hackers did a good job on the fake website — apparently it is quite difficult to distinguish from the original page of the forum. Administrators grounds to suspend its work so that new users do not fall into that same trap.

Yeah, I think I was the first who lost their 0,14 BTC. While hackers have collected money from five victims. For just one purse.

Now on the mentioned address Scam is about 28 thousand dollars in Bitcoins. A Reddit user also stated that the hackers managed to pull out with his 11 BTC. Apparently, the stolen funds have flocked to several cryptocell.

The user LocalBitcoins has not yet made any official comment, but the developers are already notified about the incident. All the details of the attack are not currently known, but we can already say that the crooks made hacking DNS. The hacker likely used a special script which immediately entered codes 2FA to log in to the accounts of the victims.

Last year the goal of the attackers was even MyEtherWallet. Wallet several times been under attack, but no serious damage, fortunately, no one struck.

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