Local expected a new generation of household appliances in the year 2020

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Through the TG site our sister’s letter, we held a special interview with analyst Michael Pachter from the agency Wedbush Securities America Financial Advisors, and in this encounter tell us more about his expectations for the next generation of Microsoft’s devices and Sony Home:

Rumor of the possibility of having two models of the Xbox in the next generation is probably wrong, but the first device may not be a new generation. Likely to get your Xbox One S no CD player under$ 200 (and maybe even 149$) to allow to reduce costs by reducing the ingredients rather than focusing on Model Analysis. Will be the games are for purchase via download only on these devices, but they will not constitute more than 20% of the sales floor is Xbox.

The next generation, maybe they have a 4K device from the higher category with a Blu-ray player, and another device of the class world, but CD player, aims to get the proportion of customers with average incomes, but that this is only a guess of the party. I think that Sony will have a device from the higher category for sure, but I don’t think it will be reflected in the lower level. It’s crystal clear that Sony will not have the ads until the PSX in December next Codex anyway, because they have decided not to attend E3.

I expect to say Microsoft’s announcement of Xbox One S no CD player at E3, and to learn about the new generation platform in 2020. Both Sony and Microsoft will be a home again in the 2020’s probably.

The frequent references lately to that new generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft coming in 2020, will be achieved? We have no choice but to wait.

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