Live streaming on YouTube gets a number of new features

YouTube has since 2009 provided automatic captions, and since then has added captions to more than a billion videos.

About 10 years ago, the YouTube Video Sharing Platform started broadcasting live, carefully selected live events through YouTube Live. In April 2011, this live streaming service reached some YouTube partners. When you go to YouTube Live, Currently broadcast, recent broadcast events, and reminders for upcoming live broadcast events.

Now, this service is getting a number of new updates to enhance viewership, most notably the English captions that are automatically created for live streaming videos, while other updates include the ability to tag live streaming videos, For the platform, so that these updates are designed to improve the live broadcast experience for both creators and viewers.

In 2009, YouTube began providing automatic captions. According to the company, it has since added captions to more than a billion videos. Although the real-time live video captions are more complex, technical advances in speech recognition Make such a thing possible.

According to the announcement, this feature will be available in the coming weeks. After the launch, the company will continue to improve response time and accuracy of captions, relying on LASR technology to provide captions when not available manually.

As for the second feature, watching live streams and interacting with creators and other fans is now a popular phenomenon. YouTube therefore wants to allow users to experience this more widely.

The update also adds the ability to add location tags to live streaming videos from mobile devices or uploaded videos so users can explore videos from somewhere by clicking on the new tag and filtering live streaming videos based on where they were recorded.


Source: Live streaming on YouTube gets a number of new features

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