Live image leaked showing the phone Mate 20 Pro full screen without protrusion


Expected to reveal a Huawei phone its flagship smartphone, the Mate 20 Pro sometime during the month of October next.

Appeared in today’s China the first leaked images of what it believes phone Mate 20 Pro which looks like it will come with a screen cover too much space of the front-end without the presence of the protrusion.

Mate 20 pro leak

According to previous leaks, the associated phone will come backed with a processor Kirin 980 camera background three and one strictly 42 megapixel camera, as it will own the technology GPU Turbo responsible for promoting the efficiency of the device by 60% and reduce power consumption by up to 30%.

On the other hand, the Mate 20 the Pro comes attached to a charger I could his 40 watts is able to reduce the duration of charging the phone until 30 minutes only, as it is expected to carry 8 GB of RAM.

The company intends to Chinese disclosure of the flagship phone in the month of October/October Next, and it is supposed to be available for purchase for about 732$.

I watched the picture again and tell us what you think in the design in the comments.

The Live image leaked showing the phone Mate 20 Pro full screen without the bump have been published first in are.

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