Little pilot error caused the police and special forces surround the plane

In the evening last Tuesday at the international airport of a name of John Kennedy, the police and employees of emergency services have surrounded the flight 1623. On Board JetBlue Airbus A321 rose command of the detachment of special purpose. All this happened due to the fact that the controllers believed the plane was hijacked, but the information was wrong.

On Board the aircraft were not intruders, he was not captured. After four hours the plane could take off and deliver its passengers in Los Angeles. In the delay was the fault of the pilots, which gave dispatchers a code indicating a hijacking. As it turned out, this mistake is not difficult.

There are several codes that allow pilots to transfer information from the Board in the control room. This method of communication allows you to overcome the language barrier. Also he is good in emergency situations when the pilot may not be able to convey information by voice. That’s just the way code was not perfect.

Depending on the aircraft model codes are typed either using a special keyboard or using the rotary knob on the control panel. Here are the three most important code that run sequentially one after another:

  • 7500 – code for use in case of capture and hijacking;
  • 7600 – code for use in case of failure of radio equipment;
  • 7700 – General code for designating an emergency situation.

The pilots of JetBlue planned to report problems with radio, but made a mistake by only one digit, then their plane was surrounded. This information was confirmed by the Federal Aviation Administration.

As it turned out, a mistake very easy. All these codes are very important and useful, and therefore, perhaps, should pay attention to the way you use them. The problem will be solved when we move to the use of unmanned aircraft.

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