Litecoin has broken the level of 60 dollars and could trigger bullrun Bitcoin

For the past three months Litecoin is showing strong growth. It is also connected with information about possible integration MimbleWimble — privacy Protocol, which is used to Grin and Beam. According to analysts, this trend may provoke the rising trend of Bitcoin, especially given the similarity of price movements of these cryptocurrencies.

In mid-December, LTC was trading at $ 23. Already with the number 14, which proclaimed the bottom of the cryptocurrency asset shows a steady growth. This morning, the Litecoin is trading at 60.4 per dollar. This 160-percent increase from the estimated low against the dollar and 110% for Bitcoin.

Many attribute the jump in investor expectations of halving cryptocurrencies, who must cut emissions and theoretically increase the demand. As stated by the Platform, known under the nickname Moon capturador Overlord looking forward to halving. According to him, the event will be the catalyst for the growth of Litecoin to roughly $ 350 in the medium term.

All to prepare for bullrun Bitcoin?

Another trader under the name Halo Crypto predicted that the strengthening of LTC above $ 60 would trigger a long uptrend the main cryptocurrency. He even brought a chart, which shows how the behavior of Litecoin precedes price trend of BTC relative to the dollar. Team technical analysis in CoinDesk compare the behavior of LTC and Bitcoin with “shepherd and sheep”.

As for the Bitcoin, he seems firmly entrenched in 4000 dollars. The level of support at $ 3920 reflects any attempt to adjust prices.

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