Listened to the first album Billy Iles. It’s incredibly

Music services have accustomed us to listen to the music we want to hear, not what I heard on the radio. But from time to time, even those who live in the shell and nothing but underground, not interested, there is a desire to look outside and find out what lives planet. And no wonder, because here is what — for example, the first Studio album from one of the most popular performers 2019 — Billy Iles.

She was born in California in a family of actors and musicians that have definitely played a role in the work of the singer. Basically Iles is in the genre of indie pop (if you ever listen to Lana Del Rey, you know what I mean), but she is not shy to experiment, so her first album “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?”, which was released on March 29, combines the best of creativity Iles. Here caramel and soothing soft vocals of the singer (“party is over”), and causing the motive (how else to explain a track called “bury a friend”).

You’ve probably already heard these tracks in the charts, and I can safely say that on the whole the album is very decent. This is not the case when the performer “shot” with one track and the other songs recorded “just to be”: every track is unique and Ailish although not tied to any one genre, still forms coherent with the rest of the composition.

Given that Billy Ailes now only 17 years old (a record hits the world she started at 15!), very interesting to see how the singer will enjoy in the future. In many services it already bypasses on the number of auditions, Travis Scott, Sam Smith and KARDi Bi, and that’s saying a lot. Music experts have called Billy opening 2019 and we are not free to disagree with them.

The album features 14 songs that will give you about an hour of music with ethereal vocals. New techniques Ailes saturated music ideas and feelings of great significance. However, the rush of beautiful words can be long, but it is better to listen to this album. To make it possible to Yandex.Music or this link.

To listen to the album

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