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While we wait for Apple to reveal the Broadcasting Service special entertainment by the 25 March next, has revealed reports of acquisitions of rights of films and TV series new details about content being offered by the company.

It seems that the approach of Apple is heading to provide content that is appropriate for the family, without the participation of breach of etiquette or language of the outside at all, so it was said that the delayed program Carpool Karaoke lyric because of the language, and they invalidated the contract of Vital Signs because of the problems of violence.

Custom content for children

Apple chose the offers aren suitable for children, including:

Central Park: the series about a family living uncovered Park in New York, the author author Loren Bouchard known with the series Bob’s Burgers.

Wolfwalkers: revolves around a girl decided to save the Wolves of Ireland’s endangered species.

Astronaut Snoopy: it is said that Apple got it right the production of the famous series.

Sesame Street: it is reported that Apple has asked two of the series which may, known to some as Sesame Street.

The following is the content suitable for the family, not only children, including:


Dickinson: the series episode by half an hour going on about the poetess Emily Dickinson, which in turn singer and actress Hailee Steinfeld.

You Think It, I’ll Say It: the series loop by a half-hour deals with short stories authored by Curtis seed, was scheduled to be Kristen Wiig star of the show but she declined.

Also, there is the series did not state his name after the same authors it’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia comes the recipe “explore the complexities of humanity through the more innovation”.


The Morning Show: to be attended by such stars as Reese Witherspoon Academy Award winner Jennifer Aniston known for the role of Rachel in Friends , Steve Carell known without Michael in The Office. And the story of the series on the book of the journalist Brian Steele books, it’s about a news anchor for the morning show will play Steve Carell.

Little Voice: a drama from writer J. J. Abrams.

Little America: a show about immigration to America from Camille Nang me and his wife Emily in Jordan.

Swagger: a show about American basketball player Kevin Durant
My Glory Was I Had Such Friends: miniseries about a group of friends helped mom silver two studies (consisting of the series) through the process of the transfer of the second heart.

I have asked Apple to show other haven’t heard yet, one of Damien their way out of La La Land.

The action and excitement

Are You Sleeping: the series is based on the novel revolved around the True Crime starring Octavia Spencer.

Defending Jacob: a series of 8 episodes starring Chris Evans famous role of Captain America in the film series of the Avengers and is about a father accuses his son of 14 years for murder.

Magic Hour: the series short mysterious about a girl travelling to the home of her father and the discovery of an old case, runs around the girl Hilda Lacey you that founded the newspaper she was 9 years old.

It is said that Apple bought the rights to the series starring Brie Larson known without Captain Marvel, is based on the memoirs of CIA, former Amaryllis Fox.

Movies, documentaries …

Home: serial documentary of 10 episodes about the benefits of Housing Special.

Elephant Queen: a documentary film about the journey of a herd of elephants to find food and water.

Losing the Earth: a film about climate change that threatens life on Earth.

Hala: a film about the young Muslim is fighting difficulties with cultural challenges at home and school.

The Rocks: the movie starring Bill Murray and is about a woman battling her father for the first time during a trip in New York.

I know of

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