List of smartphones that have managed to stay ahead of the times

Manufacturers indulge us with edge-to-edge smartphones, scanners under the display, sliders and flexible devices. All this was not there before, but it was an interesting decision that was ahead of its time. This material is presented smartphones that somehow stood out for its features.

Sharp Aquos Crystal

The device was launched in 2014 and had a very thin frame. Even now not all manufacturers are capable of this.

Motorola Atrix (2011)

Phone back in 2011 equipped with a fingerprint scanner (Apple introduced the iPhone 5S with the scanner, only 2 years later), glass Gorilla glass, a docking station similar with Samsung DeX: device has evolved from a phone to a full-fledged laptop.


The main advantage of the smartphone can be called a design. The phone at the time of release in 2013 was probably the thinnest frame on the market and a high ratio of display to the front panel. Until now, owners of the device to call him one of the best products for all time of existence of Android-based smartphones.


It is the king of phones. It is possible to run almost any mobile operating system, whether Android or Windows Phone. The phone was presented back in 2009 and worked out of the box on Windows Mobile 6.5, had 448 MB RAM, 512 MB internal, single-core Snapdragon S1 processor and 4.3-inch display. The smartphone was able to run even Android 7 Nougat.

Samsung Galaxy S8

2 years later S8 so far is pleased with its current design. In 2017, it was the most innovative phone on the market, and still many are not away for them to use.

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