List of browsers based on Chromium

Chromium is a web browser with open source code from Google. Based on it created the most popular solution at the moment in the world — Google Chrome. Distinguish it from the Chromium just some of the services of the company. Many consumers may not make the work of Chrome and its ability, therefore, to your attention a list of all the browsers based on the Chromium technology.

You should start with the Chromium browser, which you can safely download and install on any piece of metal. For example, on Linux, many people use it Chromium.

This is the official browser from Google with services of the company. Chrome and Chromium was launched simultaneously on 2 September 2008. Why all appeared Chromium? The fact that at that time people believed that Google is launching its browser to spy on users, in response to this Google has decided to release a version with open source. As you can see, it has benefited the entire market. At the moment, Chrome occupies more than 60% of the market.

This is the first major player in the market, which switched to Chromium, it happened far in 2013 with the release of Opera 15. Users were surprised by such a move, because the engine Opera at that time was extremely flexible and innovative.

The company is first to market integrated to your browser ad blocker, VPN service, a wallet for cryptocurrency and floating window web player. In short, Opera is the most innovative browser on the market.

This browser was launched in April 2016, one of the founders of Opera. Vivaldi — the flexible Chromium-browser with many features, it is stable and quite fast, even compared to Chrome.

It was founded by a native of Mozilla. The main feature of the browser is an advanced blocker and a high speed. It’s 8 times faster than Chrome and Opera.

This is a browser for web developers with many useful tools for developing websites. For example, you can quickly see how the site will look on mobile platforms. Chrome is too, but in Blisk all the tools easier to use.

Like Blisk, the browser designed for web developers. Feature of Calibri is a special approach to navigation, the browser has no tabs, and switching occurs with the help of hot keys — very convenient for those who use them.

It is based on the blocking of content — all content. This is probably the most secure Chromium browser. It blocks ads, tracking services, miners, ultrasonic signals, and so on. Only the browser is able to block 600 types of tracking tools. There is also a free VPN service with the ability to connect to servers in 8 countries.

It is similar to the Epic Browser has an advanced protection, and its developer is German company SRWare. In 2015, the browser switched to Chromium.

Many are worried about tracking with Google services. For these users was recently released browser Ungoogled Chromium. The developers completely got rid of all of the services of the American giant.

Vendornet solutions

Many companies produce their own browsers based on Chromium. Including Avast Secure Browser, Amazon Silk, Samsung Internet Browser, Yandex Browser, Qihoo 360 Secure Browser, Torch Browser, Comodo Dragon.

Ppl Were Chromium

On the market there are many browsers that have only minor differences from the Chromium. Among them Coc Coc, Falkon, Xvast, Polarity, TheWorld Chrome, Naver Whale, Kinza, Iridium, Tungsten, Ghost Browser, Superbird, Lulumi, Chedot, Orbitum, Cent Browser.

“Dead” Chromium-browser

These are the browsers that are no longer supported by the developers: Mozilla, Maelstrom, Slim Browser, Aviator, Flock, Dartium, Beamrise, Sentria, Titan Browser, Sleipnir, WebFreer, Redcore.

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