“List of bad”, that’s how it is hacked accounts Instagram

There is always something going on on the website of Instagram, this is the beauty in the platform of social participation, the most prominent, but unfortunately this time I won’t carry new news, but a serious security threat to users.

Shreds of possible hacked accounts of users of the website Instagram, grab the user accounts, through the Nasty List” or what is known as “bad listings”.

And “Forbes” magazine of America, this method is aimed at stealing login credentials of the users.

What is the list bad?

By that list, the fraudsters send messages to all follow-up account of the inventor, say that he’s been spotted on the list of the”Nasty List”, and include those messages link are fake, and enables them to seize the accounts of all of the ET.

The combustion process through the use of accounts compromised to send messages to followers who are expressing their shock of being included in the list of Instagram Nasty List.

Although the page looks real, except that once you enter the user profile, will be canceled login credentials, and offers the crooks in control of their account, and use it to monitor and send the “Nasty List” for fans, and then grab on their account.

How is the penetration?

If users fail to determine that the URL for the login page is incorrect, as is probable too because they want to know the reason for their presence in this list, it will cancel the login credentials of their own, armed with the username and password of your Instagram at risk now.

Will be used hackers access to this account to follow the distribution of messages Nasty List. They will have to of course control in such accounts on Instagram and all that brings with it!.

What if you clicked the link?

The procedure is considered which sell after that to regain control of personal accounts on whether the shopper has already changed the e-mail address and phone number associated with it. S

If not, then jump immediately to the settings and then privacy and security, and then to the password to change the password.

How to be the bathroom?

You must use two-factor authentication (2FA), this process is very simple will work with apps like Google Authenticator, definitely will add few seconds to the logon time when you use a different from the usual, but will also prevent frauds like the “bad list” of control accounts.

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