List of all Samsung phones which will get Android 10

Today appeared the list of cell phones of Samsung, which will receive the update to Android 10 fortunately, the phones that have been launched in the year 2019 you will get the new update besides the phones, the oldest we saw in 2018 like said taxi S9 no.

As you can see, a large number of leading hardware and also the medium and weak you will get the new update including the series M and A and also some phones of the series J which is great Samsung.

On the other side it’s “not nice” is that Samsung will put the new update to the identity of their leader for the year 2017 including said epoxy S8 said taxi note that while these devices have the internal specifications of what is offered on the operation of the new system, of course, but they devices are expensive and correct Samsung about this is that the two phones have already received the update to Android two are 8 and 9.

The fact that you buy a new phone in 2017 in the amount approaching a thousand dollars and get updated operating system in 2019 is really frustrating!

Source: GSMArena

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