Lisp program file compression WinRAR allows penetration devices remotely

Careful researchers at cyber security from a serious security vulnerability programme for file compression WinRAR allows hackers remote code execution, affecting hundreds of millions of users all over the world.

Vulnerabilities affect all versions of the software that was released in the year 19 the past, and lay back in the way in which the program to extract compressed files, allowing the attacker to change the file extension and execute arbitrary code on the system of the remote computer.

Allow gaps for attackers to extract the compressed files to a folder of their choice instead of the folder that I choose the user, which leaves an opportunity to drop malicious code in the startup folder in Windows.

As shown the video posted by the researchers, for full control of the computers, needs the attackers to convince users to open the compressed file has been designed to look natural which is harmful.

New in the current period to avoid use WinRAR to open the pressed files, and using alternative programs such as program PeaZip.

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