Lisa Su emphasizes the work of AMD on the technique of Ray Tracing and confirm that FreeSync was the right choice

Lisa Su

After that the detected graphics card the Radeon VII of the company AMD at CES 2019, and is the first graphics card to accurately manufacture 7 nm for PCs, the PC World interview the president of the company D. Lisa Su, which talked about the absence of the technique of Ray Tracing on AMD cards current:

I won’t go into it that way, that’s not my style, what I have to say that the technique of Ray Tracing is a really important technology, there are a lot of techniques to other tasks that will and will be more about what we do with the technique of Ray Tracing. We do a lot currently, both in terms of hardware or software, we use an integrated system.

The consumer doesn’t see much use for this technique today because there are other parts of the system is not ready (we think she’s talking about games supporting this technology), and I think that when it comes time to talk more about this technique, will users.

As commented Lisa on support Nvidia to offer FreeSync finally:

Look, we know that FreeSync is the right choice. We knew that FreeSync is the right choice a few years ago. The truth, which is that others recognized that FreeSync is the right answer, I think, confirms we made the right decision a few years ago.

We believe in open standards. You know, we believe by open government. This strand in US. We don’t have a dilemma in that uses our competitors FreeSync, and we believe that this is the best for the players and we did a good job.

Recall that AMD is working with Sony and Microsoft on the new generation of home appliances.

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