Liquid blood extinct 42 000 years ago the horse will create its clone

In the summer of 2018 in Yakutia were found the world’s only Lena carcass of the extinct horse, which lay under the ice as much as 42, 000 years. Thanks to good storage conditions, the animal preserved all internal organs, skin and hair, and muscle tissue preserved its natural reddish hue. Researchers from the northeastern Federal University (NEFU) found that the inside of the vessels and the heart of the ancient horse remains with liquid blood, which can be used for cloning individuals and revive the species.

Ленская лошадь

According to the Director of the mammoth Museum Semyon Grigoriev, the horse is the most well-preserved find of the ice age all over the world. He noted that the carcass does not have any visible damage, while other fossils of this age often are missing limbs or badly mummified. Thanks to all this, scientists immediately identified the suit Bay horse and black mane and tail.

The revival of extinct species

Russian paleontologists, together with Japanese firm Sooam Biotech, for the second month in a row trying to learn and grow viable somatic cells to create a clone of an ancient animal. Even after the discovery of liquid blood scientists have done around 20 attempts to grow cells, but so far their efforts have been to no avail. However, the researchers do not intend to stay, and will continue to make attempts until at least the end of April.

Ленская лошадь

The process involved a company Sooam Biotech — apparently, the researchers have very serious intentions to revive extinct species. This firm has been developing methods for cloning of domestic animals in South Korea. If soon researchers will start looking for a surrogate Mare for the future of the clone, this is not surprising.

Well-preserved, Lena the horse was found in Batagayskogo thermokarst basin with a depth of about 90 meters. The size of the body, saying that at the time of death she was only a few months — she died after falling and choking in the dirt, as evidenced by the remains of the sludge in the internal organs.

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