Linkedln is flooded fraudsters posing as employees of kryptomere

The largest crypto currency exchange world Binance has 642 employee. However, the site Linkedln their number exceeds 1,600 people, including a fake Executive Director. One George Griffin began working on Binance, even before the launch of the platform. The problem came to the present General Director of the exchange, Channa Zhao, who lamented the large number of scams even in the field of recruitment.

Who steals other people’s merits?

According to Zhao, only thirty employees Binance has a page on Linkedln. At first glance, this problem is similar to the dominance of a huge number of fake accounts on Twitter, which promises its subscribers “free” cryptocurrency. Earlier, they greatly angered Elon musk, from which the latter appealed for help to the Creator of Dogecoin. By the way, the situation is not corrected.

Fake profiles on Linkedln are created for several purposes: from making ordinary phishing attacks, to promote the recruitment agencies. In the case of Binance fake profiles are also responsible for damage to the brand exchange, requesting a fee for organizing the IEO teams of developers token.

That is, developers of cryptocurrency can write "representatives Binance" and propose that the IEO — the things about which we already wrote. For this, of course, you need to pay. Only after payment will be no money, no chances to attract new users with IEO.

Representatives Binance ask everyone not to trust such offers.

Any LinkedIn accounts, claiming to be the Director or coordinator for the listing of the tokens are scams. Our team did not disclose the names and links of the social network of their employees. We have internal channels to verify the identity of employees and complaints about the fraudulent accounts.

In addition, some “employees Binance” in fact, are ordinary traders who make deals with native token exchanges BNB. On the official website of the trading platforms have corresponding instructions for users — they need to help them learn how to identify fraudsters and to counteract phishing attacks.

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Linkedin representatives say that their platform has a “wide range of technical algorithms to combat cheaters.” However, identity theft is actually almost impossible to stop on such a scale. In practice, this is confirmed by a great number of fake accounts on Linkedln. In fact, the only way to combat these complaints from users, but it is not very efficient on a large scale.

The result: the real representatives of the Binance just will not get in touch on LinkedIn. If you come across similar emails, do not trust their content. Also, it is necessary to refrain from revealing personal information and sending valuable data. To share passwords or email address that is tied to the exchanges isn't a good idea.

Do not trust offers a very lucrative investment, which is supposed to bring you hundreds of percent profit in a matter of days. How not to fall into the trap of scammers, you know the subscribers of our cryptodata millionaires!


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