LinkedIn violate the Data Protection Act for 18 million e-mail

لينكد إن تنتهك قانون حماية البيانات لـ 18 مليون بريد الكتروني

In a report published by the Office of the Irish Data Protection DPC last Friday was the highlight of a number of investigations about the practices of some social media costs Facebook, Yahoo and abuses and how to cooperate with user data, but also included investigations for the first time information about violations of business network LinkedIn, a subsidiary of Microsoft to follow non-transparent ways in bringing users of the product, where returns to the beginning of the investigation led by one of the users complain 2017 about youth practices with persons who are not producers of the product and not they are members.

Has LinkedIn using approximately 18 million e-mail address to promote and urged users to register in an effort to increase the number of members in the organization is important, according to the DPC the company will use the e-mail addresses (18 million) people they weren’t originally registered in the region to target their promotional advertising via Facebook, the company has ceased to act immediately after the issuance of the investigation of the Data Protection Commissioner.

Said campaign manager at LinkedIn Dennis Kelleher in the context of the topic they look at each estimate to select committee of the DPC regarding the complaint, the advertising campaign scheduled in the last year, and they are cooperating fully with them in this regard and added that the network will take steps for improvement of the way work to ensure non-occurrence of this violation again.

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