LinkedIn reveal the latest trends of staff turnover in the Middle East and North Africa

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Select the in-depth analysis conducted by the company LinkedIn the sectors that recorded the highest rate of cool talent in the Middle East and North Africa, his results showed that the technology sector, particularly the software sector, witnessed 2017 the highest percentage of employees who left the companies where they work, which amounted to 12.3 percent, aftermath the professional services sector increased by 11.1 percent and the telecommunications sector grew by 9.65 percent.

Although each sector triggers unique encourages the workforce, research has shown LinkedIn to be the first reason to leave the staff is the absence of opportunities for progress and the “45 percent”, adding to their dissatisfaction with the leadership of the company, “41 percent” and the work environment “36 percent”, and their desire to do the challenges more “36 percent”.

Said Ali matar, head LinkedIn, Middle East & North Africa: “the basic problem in maintaining talent in the field of technology is increasing demand and high salaries in this sector, with the increasing competitive companies and offerings, seeks the best talent to seize new opportunities, but emphasis on progress tasks can help keep current employees and attract new employees.”

According to LinkedIn, companies rely on data to reduce the problem of staff turnover and improve the rate of to keep them and attract more talent, and added rain: “what if you become you have the necessary data, can seek to maintain a core staff and use new staff in advance, the initiative to advance planning allows avoiding reactions whenever he left the staff”.

LinkedIn reveal the latest trends of staff turnover in the Middle East and North Africa

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