LinkedIn Launches interactions with the publications also

It may sound a bit strange, but LinkedIn want to add a touch of fun to the atmosphere of its publications and the interaction of users video without turning it into a social network ordinary, and from there launched the feature interactions with the publications.

Of course, because LinkedIn social network for professionals and business companies, has chosen interactions to implement them, there are five interactions of two of the traditional social networks keep and love, but there is respect and curiosity of new ideas, you can choose any reaction from them on publications according to their subject matter.

You say the social network to be tested for these interactions came as a result of a statistical study of the words most used by users in their comments on the publications. Freedom to choose the concept the same way in any place around the world.

Also note all the positive feedback to keep the communication environment between the users based on needs and topics Avenue.

Began LinkedIn the availability of this property gradually since today will be in the coming months everyone in all over the world either via the web or mobile application.

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