LinkedIn add the option of direct upgrade of publications and LinkedIn QR

لينكدإن تضيف خيار الترجمة المباشرة للمنشورات وتعلن عن LinkedIn QR

The network announced LinkedIn about added property the direct translation of publications on the web within their quest to make users more balanced understanding of the content submitted by others, as announced property LinkedIn QR to facilitate communication with users.

And speaking of property Education Initiative in publications, the characteristic substantially similar to those found in Twitter, for example, as well as Facebook enter, where shows the option of translation into the language of the user at the bottom if the language of publication is different, which makes it easier to see the content of the publications of users who speak different languages, and of course the new feature will be supported by the engine Microsoft Text Analytics support to translate Bing special price Microsoft the parent company of LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn QR they feature different aims, through its network allowing users to attach their list of personal communication through the QR code, so in case they were people from different places and connects them to any face on the network. The goal of them is in the event there was a meeting or conference attended by a number of persons, there would be no need to know all of the details in the conversation with them for them, instead, scanning a QR code will make them join the list of spices in the account, and thus a lot of time and effort will be supplied, as that the idea would be a perfect alternative to cards personal business.

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