Link Turbo is another new and helpful technology Huawei

Know what Huawei is now different from most other smartphone manufacturers? It creates something really new.

Don’t let that reverses the market, but it changes it for the better and helps to ensure that we get more interesting products.

See for yourself, first come, P20 Pro with its unique camera. And it’s not even three modules or a huge optical sensor, it’s in the software, thanks to which the camera head has surpassed all and night photos, and Zuma. Yes, we already have super night mode Pixel, but Huawei was the first.

Then there was the GPU Turbo, which like anything supernatural is, but at the same time, it’s free, available on most devices and really useful, though only gamers.

And today, Huawei in the face of their brand Honor has introduced a new interesting technology — Link Turbo. Jack mentioned it in news about the smartphone Honor View 20, but it’s worth a separate note.

So much about the new technology Huawei is not told, but the basics we were given. In short, it is a technology that enables a smartphone to simultaneously use the Wi-Fi adapter and a 4G modem for data transmission. Now about the details. If I understood correctly and translated, are as follows. Specially developed algorithm based on the AI evaluates the data transfer rate on Wi-Fi. If you loaded a channel send or receive some data on a conditional maximum of the speed channel, and all your other applications that depend on Network will not work properly. Utumcc will throw the quality to 480p, tape in inst will be loaded slowly and so on. And here comes in Link Turbo. At such moments a smartphone will activate the transmission of data on 4G for all these applications. Simply put, if something you download from a torrent or browser, the data will be run on Wi-Fi, but everything else will use the modem for cellular communications. Thus, the bandwidth Wi-Fi will not affect the operation of other applications. And this is again very simple, but extremely useful. I guarantee if everything will work okay, most will not even know about this technology at one time or another, while just using a smartphone happily.

20 View it Honor to be the first smartphone that supports this technology. The source also said that partially Link the Turbo will get Honor Magic 2, but I don’t really understand how this is partially why partially. I think that actually gradually, as in the case of GPU Turbo Link Turbo comes on most smartphones and Huawei Honor.

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