Like Google Chrome 70 expanded features of Windows 10

Browser Google Chrome has officially updated to version 70. As promised earlier, the new version has been fixed a new feature, have excited many — when you enter your login and password for any of Google’s services, your account was part of the whole browser. Also, the new version blocks hundreds of popular sites, but this restriction is easy to circumvent. However, all this is not important. Google Chrome 70 received the support of progressive web applications that become part of Windows 10 and work even without Internet.

Advanced web applications (PWA) we have been told in the beginning of September. We are talking about a specific group of applications that are written in JavaScript, HTML and CSS and run on any operating system. In fact it is a normal web sites, but with one feature — they are able to operate and send alerts even in the absence of the Internet. When opened, the system automatically prompts you to install them in the system to access them from the desktop.

To find PWA application in special directories like When you open any of them via Google Chrome 70, the browser offers to install it into the system. After installation, the service appears in the list of apps, but task Manager is signed as the process Google Chrome.

If the window does not appear, press the three dots top right corner of the browser and select “Install application”. Then in the middle of the screen appears a popup window with the install button and cancel.

In its current form support the PWA application is implemented very crudely. As mentioned, in task Manager they appear as the process Google Chrome. Even the appearance of your applications reminds us that in fact it is a normal browser tab without the usual toolbars. Nevertheless, Google has made an important step toward web-based future.

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