Like a mother to prevent obesity.. new medicine proves successful

Managed a research team at the University of New South Wales Australian of identifying the protein responsible for overweight and obesity, and remember pills pharmaceutical can prevent the body from forming fat, which helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and senile dementia.

Proved the drug effective in mice experiments, when blocking the enzyme known as CerS1 (ceramide synthase 1), The mice gaunt even after eat food high fat.

He hopes the Australian team to succeed on their experiences to the same degree on humans, and has praised the scientific community and innovation, and described by researchers out of the big forward in the fight against obesity and related illnesses.

Think this is the first time develops in which scientists medicine successful destroys the proteins produced in the fat, especially that there are 6 types of proteins, ceramides, scientists know that it has a role in the regulation of metabolism (metabolism), but the role of each is not fully understood.

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