Lightning money: how much can you earn Lightning Network?

Now the owners of the nodes of the network, Lightning Network will be paid a small fee in Bitcoins. In addition to a tool for scaling the main cryptocurrency, LN may be a potential source of income. However, while profit is unlikely to reach the dizzying heights. This writes Coindesk.

That will give us Lightning Network

Average Commission network LN rarely exceeds 1 Satoshi. Developer Alex Bosworth has reported, this month earned about two dollars on the one working node. Although this number in General is not impressive, it could be a good sign of the huge potential of the Lightning Network.

Cryptomnesia willing to take risks for the sake of experiment to the network LN. They are not confused with low fees — now the most important thing to understand as a system, the Lightning Network can be scaled for global use.

I think for many people, and even the early Bitcoin investors earned Satoshi will be the first cryptocurrency that is not obtained through trading or mining.

However, before ordinary users there are several obstaclesthat prevent them from freely use LN. Requires good knowledge of principles of functioning of Bitcoin and ample storage. The owner node needs to download the entire transaction history of cryptocurrency (about 200 GB) and install special software.

Now the number of workers the node already exceeded three thousand, while the past month has been very good for Lightning Network. I have an interesting trend is so the others can use the nodes of the network, some cryptomnesia does not charge any fees for the transaction. This is why the incomes Bosworth are low.

The application developer Zap Ben Wasli believes that soon the situation should change dramatically.

Need a system that can not only work through good people. With the growth of the network Lightning Network, the Commission will gradually rise to a reasonable and beneficial values.

Wali noted that the increase in fees will be useful for a number of reasons. Network LN need liquidity. Each node can pass through itself so much bitcoin, as its owner left the channel. That is, with large income, he will be able to invest more in the nod and pass through more transactions.

Many developers believe that in the future the Commission will remain at a low level. However, many participants Lightning Network must come to consensus that will benefit all.

I think the value of transactions in LN are unlikely to exceed one cent.

In such a scenario of development of events, Bitcoin will be the most profitable payment system. Accordingly, increases in the demand for money, and with it, crawl up and price. Wait.


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