Light Phone 2: phone stylish design, but its stupid!

Came the latest releases of Android and iOS with usage monitoring that aims to resist the addiction of apps and games on our smart phones, which is the same company project Light.

Link phone Light Phone original year 2015 stylish design, but also described his company, “smart phone, stupid to some extent”, it can only make and receive calls. The company has announced a Light Phone 2, the same design but with improvements on functions.

The first version of the phone Light – sold 10 thousand units in the 50 states

Comes Light Phone 2 a stylish design too, where the screen is E-Ink have actually and is available in white or black in the size of a credit card but with a thickness of 6.5 mm.

And additional features obtained by the phone are: save the contacts, text messaging via SMS, set the alarm, but still there is no any apps or games. It also can be programmed the phone to get simple directions to a certain destination or even call a cab.

If you want to use a phone with your smart phone as a means of sharing your addiction, you can connect the two devices via the special application available on Android and iOS so that calls can be forwarded automatically from the smart phone to the phone Light Phone 2.

Finally, the call Light Phone 2 4G LTE comes with a USB port-C for the outlet the sky the traditional 3.5 mm, which is available for pre-order at a price of 250$ (938 yr) but will rise the price to 400$ (1500 SAR) when you stop.

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