LG Zhuge Gestures NEW will arrive for her phones

In the framework of the willingness of the conference of the Mobile World, Meeting the end of February next, numerous LG in a short video to system of gestures, a new themed “goodbye to”.

While the gestures of the Android and iPhone today on the official movements touch screen phone, it seems from the video headline to approach LG only waved in front of the phone.

After watching the video, you might conjure up some one of the functions of Pen Galaxy Note, where can the phone proximity sensor pen to clean some of the easy jobs, such as preview magnifying images when you stand by them, but it seems that LG’s more sophisticated and are navigating within the interface or the implementation of more complex functions.

Select LG on February 24 to reveal the technical, which we believe would accompany the announcement of her phone G8 ThinQ, but we did not hear before about the coming flagship phone with such technology.

Speaking of nurses alien that has come by the G8 ThinQ, and it was said that will enable the buyer to request a second screen adaptable to connect to the phone via a special preservative, to become the phone screen size of 7 inch, and so one of the benefits of my phone Galaxy F folding.

Also, you may uses G8 ThinQ technology to broadcast images from the screen to hear me on the headset calls, in order to have a larger screen space as possible from the interface of the phone. It is one of the technologies Commons used phones Galaxy S10.

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