LG will show at CES-2019 new exoskeleton and robot assistants

The South Korean company LG is going to bring to the International exhibition of electronics CES-2019, which will be held in early January, an updated version of its exoskeleton developed CLOi SuitBot. In addition, the event company will show an updated version of their robot assistants: PorterBot, ServeBot and CartBot. The latter are intended to help customers in various industries.

Device CLOi SuitBot was presented last year at technology trade show IFA in Berlin. It is the lumbar exoskeleton designed for people who struggle every day to lift, carry and lower heavy objects. Using the exoskeleton, in this case aimed at reducing fatigue and risk of various injuries of the back.

An updated version of the exoskeleton has become more compact. He also put on the lumbar for additional support when carrying freight, but now do not requires a large support system of the legs, which in the first version of the device has ended the special shoes. The new version features a more flexible arrangement of straps, which are fixed on the belly and legs of a man, allowing for easier donning and use.

When a person commits a tilt angle of 64 degree SuitBot automatically activated to create additional support for the extension of the waist is 50 degrees and flexion to 90 degrees. When the body returns to its upright position, the system turns off automatically. Battery used in the exoskeleton SuitBot, enough for about 4 hours.

As mentioned above, at CES-2019 LG will also show updated versions of their robots CLOi. A line of machines includes three robots: a robot assistant, the robot carrier and the robot, designed for remote purchases.

Artificial intelligence system that uses them allows the robots to analyze the behavior of people, to respond to customer requests and in General to more effectively cope with their tasks. Interaction with the robots is by setting each of them a touch screen and voice commands.

The company has not yet said when is going to release in a commercial use of robots CLOi, however, visitors to the exhibition CES-2019, which will be held from 8th to 12th of January in Las Vegas, will be able to play with them. Most likely, LG will share more information about the novelty at the same show.

We will tell about other novelties of the exhibition electronics. These news will also be available including via our Telegram channel.

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