LG will be late with the release of the flagship, but not for long

The next flagship of LG, whose development was started from scratch at the initiative of the General Director of the enterprise, will present in June, found out VentureBeat. The smartphone, created in the framework of the project Judy will be able to boast the most advanced hardware equipment, unlike its predecessor having made a worthy competition to the solution of Samsung.

According to VentureBeat, the new from LG will have a name other than the G7, which signified a new era in the politics of naming, chosen by the manufacturer. It is argued that thus the Koreans want to break the link with the signature line of G, which has not enjoyed great popularity among consumers all over the world.

Wanting to emphasize the true flagship positioning of new products, this year LG will not give Samsung the exclusive right to the use of a top-end CPU. In addition, it was decided to equip the flagship 6.1-inch of mlcd display, providing a bright and vivid image with significantly reduced energy consumption.

An integral feature of the future smartphone should be branded voice assistant, which will be based neural network and machine learning technology. For some unknown reason guide LG decided not to use the increasingly popular Google Assistant, offering consumers its own development.

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