LG unveils the second generation of the projector CineBeam Laser 4K

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The company revealed the LG on Friday for the second generation of projector home CineBeam Laser 4K, which it intended to present during its participation at the rate of consumer electronics CES 2019, which will be held early next month in Las Vegas.

The company said the South Korean in a post on her blog The Projector new home CineBeam Laser 4K the that includes technology Ultra Short Throw, which allows displaying the content on the wall from a distance of not exceeding 5 centimetres, which means that drop a picture on the wall at an angle approaching 90 degrees, unlike the conventional projectors.

The LG that if you put CineBeam Laser 4K on after 17.5 cm the picture will be the largest led by 120-inch, but it will maintain the brightness level itself.

And projector home new from LG that provides the level of brightness capability of 2,500 lumens, and displays images in 4K UHD. She said that the that portable, as it’s the smallest of the projectors 4K other.

Reported LG in its publication that the device CineBeam Laser 4K brings maximum comfort to the user by including artificial intelligence technology that enables customers to use voice commands by platform ThinQ smart your company, which allows control of the device, for example, “turn off the projector after the end of the movie.”

This, and did not require the company to date put your CineBeam Laser 4K new and the price of his article, but pointed out that it is not available in all markets.

The gate Arab News Technical LG unveils the second generation of the projector CineBeam Laser 4K

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