LG unveils first TV in the world with the screen are the FAO-LED 65-inch

The company announced the LG through its participation at the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2018 uncle said it’s the first TV with the screen are winding.

Four years ago offered to LG Display, which is arm specialized in the manufacture of the screens have a South Korean company, display type OLED, led by 18 inches, and its hallmark is that they are FAO like health, has promised to then submit a copy of the new greater value.

Here is the LG today fulfil its promise, as exhibited through their participation at the rate of consumer electronics CES 2018 what it said was the first TV OLED in the world with the screen are winding. And the advantage of its screen, which comes led by 65-inch, flexible high-tech, which can roll and store when without.

Besides the detection device is equipped with OLED screen measuring 88 inches and accurately 8K, back LG also with an improved version of the audio technology crystal Crystal Sound, provided by Sony in its TVs with OLED screens, the technology that allows to integrate the speakers within the screen.

And to announce the date of the introduction of the first PC OLED TV in the world with the screen are the FAO in the market, not even the price. May not intend to LG soon, so that the TV may not is just a prototype and needs further development.

Point out that Samsung is working on the development of the screen are the FAO, as the Company acquired the rights of the patented device with a screen adjustable wrap provider with sensitive to fingerprints.

What do you think about the TV the new LG’s? Do you think that it would be practically cast Vogue? Share your opinion the comments.


Source: LG unveils first TV in the world with the screen are the FAO, led by 65-inch

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