“LG” topping the list of innovations of eco-friendly

Ask LG LG as a global leader in technology, a wide range of innovations allocated to a number of risks, key environmental, which enabled the company to believe the list of innovations in the field of renewable energy and increasing energy efficiency and producing environmentally friendly, to burn the company to provide products and technologies in the field of social responsibility, in conjunction with the leadership of India to host World Environment Day this year, which came on the fifth of June under the title “to overcome the plastic pollution”.

And LG LG a significant role and prominent in the field of utilization of solar energy in electricity generation, where LG in projects for the exploitation of solar energy since 1985, and is proud of being the leading provider of solar panels for many global companies, which currently provide the latest technology solar panels that provide improved capabilities electricity and photovoltaic, for example, include panels NeON2 LG, winner of several awards, technique “Cello” is leading work to improve performance and reliability.

And take the Egyptian government’s clear strategy to reduce the contamination in conjunction with use of sources of non-renewable energy by adopting a futuristic strategy based on clean energy generation, which is in line with LG which have a track record of compliance with its principles, environmentally friendly and not only limited on its range of products, energy-saving, participating LG effectively in the communities in which they operate, coupled with their contribution in the campaigns of social responsibility to get concrete progress to raise the living standards of those societies, and that through the motto “life is better with LG,” which is not just a words of Marketing of the company, It is through the work according to its principles, with an emphasis on efforts to social contribution in the communities in which it operates.

Used with the rising prices of energy and electricity in Egypt, looking to source more of the products that enjoy efficient performance and low electricity consumption and enjoyment at affordable prices away from exaggeration, has to respond to that by asking her recently to the new version of the air conditioners which provide environmental benefits and enhance the comfort, technology inverter “Inverter” to the level of distinct and innovative and at a price premium less than 15% On the products competition in the Egyptian market, coupled with the use of the police to “compressor inverter linear” which is the backbone inside many of the devices most sought after in the East, which provide amazing efficiency of energy while improving performance by converting the incoming power to the compressor and to the voltage and frequency of the utopians, and reflective of energy waste and helps to work more quietly compared to other devices.

With the continued increase the proportion of energy consumption in commercial buildings, are becoming increasingly the need to have innovative ways of saving energy, providing energy management systems from LG energy consumption significantly through data analysis and simulation software advanced, and for energy management systems and other ways of smart energy consumption play an important role in shaping the development of society in the future. By opening this second front in the war on energy waste, it will be possible to reduce the contamination and extend the shelf life of reserve power to become the renewable energy achievable in full, has been awarded the energy management systems of LG own buildings, Factories, homes, businesses and micro on Excellence Awards from the international organizations competent in this field such as “IDEA” and”Red Dot”.

Associated sports LG in the hardware market global directly linked to the lady tech and her desire to think always in an innovative way. It has achieved this non-traditional approach outstanding results in many of the events, which led to the creation of a multiplier effect has resulted in the submission of LG’s innovative ideas in several areas. And shows this approach in practice is clear in a way that serves the design, the primary goal of the product in LG. Install electrical appliances such as the refrigerator-style door-in-door InstaView new design is easy and may help increase energy efficiency significantly.

And the police need to be home a safe haven protects the whole family from allergens, pollutants, and because it is expected to become dust and small particles is a serious problem in the coming years, looking home owners about ways to fight its existence, which has led to increase the proportion of sales of air purifiers around the world and in Egypt, where Cairo is one of the most polluted cities in the world. It can be other electrical equipment such as vacuum cleaner, washing machines play a pivotal role in the Elimination of allergens and other contaminants present in the product.

The need to provide a comprehensive solution to eliminate allergens, encouraged LG to get the adoption of the asthma and allergy foundation of America in its home. In addition to honoring you got air purifiers and vacuum cleaners, help LG in the Elimination of allergens in clothes by washing it regular washing machines of the model “LG Styler” innovative.

And LG is a leading company in the field of Technology of the smart home, come to its collection of innovative solutions for the Internet of things IOT is very suitable for families looking for ways to reduce its environmental footprint. In addition to get more rest, try to the potential of the intelligent control provided by the technology of the Internet of things for the continuing operation of devices and systems with high efficiency. The added capabilities of smart to milk products sophisticated home of LG enhances the efficiency of enormous energy for homes and businesses alike.

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