LG support Arabic speech recognition in smart TVs for the year 2019

Announced the “LG” today Wednesday announced the launch of the first service support for speech recognition in Arabic in a range of TVs that support the artificial intelligence for the year 2019, in a move to achieve its vision and deliver an excellent use.

Developed LG of the model year 2019 of the TV its to the services of artificial intelligence ThinQ that is known for its brand, using a learning algorithm, that allow a higher level of quality picture and sound-supported artificial intelligence. And can tv of LG thanks to the new algorithm of the analysis of the content and act on the surrounding conditions provide the best optimized content.

And LG: the speech recognition feature that is now available in Arabic to facilitate the access to information in an unprecedented manner, it is sufficient simply to speak in front of the remote control without the need for any additional hardware. And act damage models on the car floor and responds to requests on the language of nature without having the user to repeat a series of commands to get the desired results.

According to the technique of natural language processing -that have become recognize the word in the Arabic language – in Intelligent Control feature of the new TVs supported artificial intelligence from LG, which includes the chains of TV of LG: “Olid” OLED, and”Nancy” NanoCell,”smart TV” SmartTV. And for a wide range of categories users will launch the LG TV its supported artificial intelligence new in the UAE during this summer, will support Arabic language, in addition to dialect Saudi Arabia and the UAE. And LG also offer similar support to tone the factory in later this year. In addition to supporting the Arabic language, will be available in the style of TV for the year 2019 built-in support for speech in other languages such as English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian.

Designed LG TV models supported by artificial intelligence ThinQ to give the user multiple benefits include device control searching for content, this allows the user to speak the language of normal and issue commands to change channels and adjust volume level adjust settings. The search function for the content, enabling the user also to discover the latest offerings on Netflix and videos trending on YouTube.

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