LG Smart TVs for the year 2018 to become compliant with the digital assistant Alexa


Is LG a major player in the Smart TV market, has taken a different path some thing in comparison with the competition through a commitment to using the WebOS system rather than Android TV in Smart TV. I’ve been using WebOS in a wide range of Smart TVs, and the South Korean company to improve this system by adding more features aimed mainly users. The police has been successful already in integrating the digital assistant Google Assistant in the Smart TV, and now it has become digital assistant Alexa, a subsidiary of Amazon and is supported on LG Smart TVs which are released this year.

Company LG that it has added support for Google Account and Alexa to provide users the experience of a home more comfortable. It is certain that additional support would be helpful when you can’t find the remote control in TV also.

Compatible all TVs LG OLED TV that was released in the year 2018 TVs, the company’s high-tech clarity of LG 4K UHD, which includes artificial intelligence LG ThinQ AI with Supported Devices in the digital assistant Alexa. What that means is that users who have their device featuring digital assistant Alexa like smart speaker Amazon Echo, they can now Control TV LG smart to the use of this device via voice commands given to Alexa.

It would be possible to do several tasks such as switching channels, adjusting the volume, and browse content, and even play youtube content in private in another room by voice command by the user of the device with the digital assistant Alexa.

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