LG reveal the chip its own intelligence artificial for the organs of the smart home


The company announced the LG has developed chip artificial intelligence, which will be used to make the organs of the home smarter. And the South Korean company to chip Hodeidah contain engine neural network LG Neural Engine, which can simulate the neural network of the human mind better. This will improve the way in which learning algorithms deep information, at least according to LG.

The chip is designed for artificial intelligence of the new engine with the neural network LG Neural Engine for use in various household appliances, a subsidiary of LG, such as vacuum cleaners and robots, refrigerators and washing machines. The treatment process within the same device for the latter to work without internet connection while contain this chip also on the ” security zone separate ” to store personal data.

The chip is designed for new AI to the task of processing that do not require security procedures in the public area while will tackle the tasks that require secure, high in the safe area only. Should prevent this, in theory the disclosure of personal information during know the hardware attempts to hack the site.

This chip is able to recognize and discrimination better between the space and the location objects and users through visual intelligence. Enable the artificial intelligence that accurately identify the characteristics of sound and noise. Overall, the company said LG it will include CHIP artificial intelligence a new this in the air conditioners of the future, vacuum cleaners robotic, washing machines, and other smart home devices other.


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