LG provides the easiest level of control with smart home

Introduced company LG features voice command recognition in its through the application of mobile phone ThinQ formerly known as (SmartThinQ) to give users remarkable ability to easy control household devices that support the feature of LG ThinQ from any place and at any time.

This is the first app of its kind for mobile phones on the management of smart home appliances using the English language level of voice recognition technology provided by the Assistant Google (Google Account) to manage all devices LG home support connect wirelessly via Wi-Fi technology.

This includes the washing machine; a dryer; a refrigerator; the Ovens; and dishwashers; and vacuum cleaners; the components; and air purifiers.

The use of the ThinQ users super easy to their device, and control via voice commands, which take the form of a natural conversation.

To reach unprecedented levels of convenience in life in the smart home, the app shows the actual situation at the same moment, for all LG devices connected by one thing only.

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The application of ThinQ for the user of the library may request, orally tell the time remaining on the cycle of the washing machine in the house, or he can adjust the temperature of the place in the house which is driving his car heading to him without having to look at his phone and stop driving.

The use of the ThinQ also useful information about the functions of the device and its advantages should a user need to perform maintenance on certain and helps him in exploring the causes of device failures and method of repair.

The user to ask how the functionality works automatic one air? Or what light means the fridge yellow? To get an immediate response my voice from the app.

Not only does the application of ThinQ that offers answers to the most commonly asked questions relating to the use of the device, but also enjoy the cleverly enough left to report on the activity of the use of his last to useful tips to improve home life.

Alice said Rio, president of work smart home devices and solutions air in LG: our first goal and continue to offer our customers the experience of a smart home make their life more comfortable, to a large degree, and through the application of our intelligent mobile phone abilities to know the voice commands and the audio track could provide a tool that enhances the comfort and ease of use in the smart home.

Is available the application ThinQ starting this month in Korea, followed by its launch in North America in the fourth quarter of the year and then major markets in Europe next year.

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