LG patented a new smart phone is equipped with 16 cameras in its interface background

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We are sure that many thought that Huawei may have overreacted so much when it launched a smartphone with three cameras at the back. However, she responded Samsung to launch smartphone with four cameras in the back, but if LG is what you’re thinking now that we may see a smartphone from the company is supplied with 16 camera in its rear.

In fact, it has been recently discovered patent a new invention from LG describes a smart phone contains 16 camera in its rear. And apparently, the company decided to LG to use such a large number of cameras because it will allow the user to capture information from multiple angles.

What this means is that it can help in the creation of holographic films at a higher resolution and manipulation by moving the element or replace it. In fact, care about Facebook such an experience by allowing users to raise the three-dimensional image is captured using the phones iPhone new from Apple TV, where users can to some extent experience the images in three-dimensional environment and viewing angles, which may not be available on regular audio.


However, this is only a patent, so there is no certainty that the company LG will make it real. We believe that it may be difficult to design such a device without having to be ugly looking, but what do you guys think? Do you think that smart phones like this that started the company LG in the patent this will be part of our future?



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