LG patent for a smartphone featuring a hole at the level of the screen for the front camera

Huawei Nova 5

Grant Institute the Turkish patent buy LG patent for a smartphone has a screen with a hole in the upper left corner for the front camera. This will be the first smartphone from the company LG uses such a solution is provided that is already moving.

You know us diagrams in the file of the patent that the screen of this phone will be a hole in the upper left corner, not in the upper right corner, as is the case with the series phones Galaxy S10 Series. And when it comes time to face the background, it looks similar to the phone LG V40 ThinQ current, it is the other features three cameras in a horizontal position in the middle is the bottom sensor of the fingerprint, which assures us that LG are not yet prepared to adopt sensor-fingerprint built-in screens in smart phones.


Keep in mind that we were not able to find the patent application in the database available to the public despite our best efforts. This may mean a number of things – images may be a fake, or you could ask LG of the executive body of the soil to keep the data hidden from the public, or we made a mistake during the search. Anyway, don’t be surprised when the LG detects a smart phone equipped with a hole at the level of the screen.


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