LG patent for a 16-camera

This theme LG patent for a 16-camera appeared on Engadget.

Require technical writer in smartphones rapidly, and patented new buy a LG revealed the phone is under development now comprises 16 full.


After the height settings of the camera in smartphones to 4 cameras and plan to many companies to add a greater number of cameras in the next versions of smartphones.

In the leaks that appeared in the recent period, refer to the plans of Nokia to launch a phone featuring 5 of the cameras in the back of the phone, but the rumors that came out today about the technique of LG in the smart phones give up all expectations, the terms refer to the development of the phone featuring a full 16 car.

Has the company registered a patent for the design of the phone who is rumored to have under development at the USPTO, where he is scheduled to come every full car with specific features and after the focal, which is a large number of cameras, however LG explained in the patent the mechanism of action cameras.

It is submitted in accordance with of the Patent and the invention of the LG to work 16 camera to take a picture at the same time, to choose the title of favorite to the user after export, so I give you the export feature camera the variety at the same time as an alternative to take a lot of photos to choose shooting mode is preferred.


Also added LG to the 16th cameras offer the advantage of more depth in photography to capture the finer details clarified, with the possibility of a shift in the focus of photography even after image capture, as the cameras working also in support of the user in the filming selfie with a small mirror lets take a picture precursor with 16 full rear also.

Recall that LG has a history in the development of smartphone cameras, and today wish to transfer the technology of the cameras that link to the feature photo 52 mega pixel camera to smart phones.


This theme LG patent for a 16-camera appeared on Engadget.

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